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Learn French - A1.2

False beginners!

  • Commence le 3 oct.
  • 270 euros
  • Online

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Unlock French A1 Level Mastery - Learn A1 French Online! Every Tuesdays 3-4.30 pm (Paris time) A1.2: from October 2nd to December 19th = 12 weeks French courses at the A1.2 level are typically designed for "false beginners." False beginners are individuals who may have some basic knowledge of the French language but are not yet at the true beginner level. Discover the elegance of French with our A1 French Level online course. 1. Comprehensive Learning: Our A1 French Level course covers essential grammar and vocabulary, perfect for beginners. 2. Interactive Experience: Engage in practical conversations and activities for real-life learning. 3. Expert Guidance: Native-speaking instructors offer personalized support and feedback. 4. Flexibility: Study anywhere. 5. Progress Tracking: Stay motivated with quizzes and assessments. Embrace the language, culture, and endless opportunities that come with speaking French at the A1 level. Enroll today and start your journey to fluent French! You can renew to continue in level A1.3 and then A1.4, same schedule starting after Christmas. You can schedule a call if you have any questions about our classes or need assistance determining your proficiency level.

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Cours en groupes: toute inscription à un groupe est définitive . Remboursement en cas d’annulation du groupe faute de participants minimum (2). Cours particuliers: pour annuler ou reporter, merci de prévoir 24 heure à l'avance. Passé ce délai, le cours sera ni remboursable ni reprogrammable. ------------------------------------ Group courses: all group enrolments are considered firm and definitive after reception and acceptance. Refund if group cancelled due to lack of minimum number of participants (2). 1-on-1 courses: please provide a minimum of 24 hours' notice before the scheduled start time. After this deadline, the course cannot be refunded or rescheduled.



80 Lotissement Irigoin, Lahonce, France

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