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French Courses in Anglet

South West of France


Are you in the South West for love, for work, or for the superb waves? Would you like to learn French while having fun, or simply improve your language skills with a cup of coffee and meet new people? Come and join our groups on Thursday afternoons.


The courses take place at La Générale in Anglet, a place where you can enjoy a coffee, sign up for a yoga class or consult a health specialist, 5 min from the beach.

23 All. des Artisans, 64600 Anglet 

120 minutes class 

1 session per week/

8 weeks (renewable)


Groups from 3 to 6 persons

A1 - Beginners


Learn from scratch

If you're starting from scratch and have little to no prior experience with the French language, you're in the right place. Our Learn French A1 Level course is specifically tailored to help you build a strong foundation in the language.

B1 - Intermediate

B1 Intermediate

Throughout this course, you will delve deeper into grammar, expand your vocabulary, and engage in more complex conversations. Topics will cover everyday situations, travel, and cultural nuances, allowing you to navigate real-life scenarios with confidence..

DSC_9124 (1) (1).jpg

« I have had a few individual lessons with Gladys and I have always found her to be motivational and engaging. I really enjoy the group discussions as they provide a safe, fun environment to explore new topics, words and expressions with other learners. I found the experience with other French learners particularly rewarding. It gave my confidence in my own ability and encouraged me to continue in my personal learning journey. A recommended experience. »

Alan, North Ireland

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