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Conversation groups

Practice your French and improve your fluency

Levels A2+, B1, B2, C1, C2


This online conversation workshop offers a programme based on the study of authentic documents to work on oral production and listening comprehension.

  • Press review of the day (comment on current events to warm up)

  • Presentation of the day's topic based on an authentic document (video etc.)

  • Debate, exchange of opinions in order to use the vocabulary corresponding to the day's theme.

  • Activities based on the lexicon of the day

You will be able to:

  • Improve your fluidity

  • Get corrections and suggestions for improvement 

  • Speak more authentic French

  • Develop your self-confidence

  • Enjoy a convivial moment

  • Deepen your knowledge of French culture.

90 mn class

1 class / week during 6 weeks
starting from September 4 th 2023

Groups from 2 to 6 persons


Choose your schedule: 
- 14h - 15h30h   
- Tuesdays 9h-10h30
- Wednesdays 15h-16h30 

Times GMT +1

Registration form

Registration by email subject to availability and a minimum of 2 participants.

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