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The French Book Club

Ouvrez un livre, parlez français!

This course has been designed for people who wish to deepen their knowledge of the French language through literary works and cultural discussions. We will explore books written by famous French authors, classics of French literature as well as contemporary works.

The French Book Club is for you if you want to...

practise French differently

acquire more vocabulary and improve your grammar

enhance your cultural understanding of French society

practise conversation every week

be part of a community of French language and culture enthusiasts



J'ai adoré le cours! Gladys trasmis sa passion et rend très agréable le sujet, même quand c'est plus compliqué. Elle écoute avec sensibilité et pose les bonnes questionnes pour converser et pour réfléchir :) Grâce au livre “Petit pays” de Gaël Faye, j’ai connu une partie de l’histoire contemporaine que je ne connaissais pas : le génocide du Rwanda raconté à travers les yeux d’un enfant qui aujourd’hui est aussi un rappeur aux rythmes captivants. Comme ce n’est pas le genre que je lis couramment, j'ai trouvé la lecture beaucoup intéressant et dramatique au même temps.

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Next Courses

Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, I select carefully a diverse range of books to cater to different proficiency levels. From captivating novels to timeless classics, there's something for everyone!

📖 How to Choose Your Book:

If you're a beginner, fear not! I have specially chosen titles that are accessible and enjoyable for those just starting their French literary journey.

For my more advanced readers, I have thoughtfully curated challenging yet rewarding books to enhance your language skills.


🤔 Doubts or Questions? If you're unsure about which book is the perfect fit for your level, don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm here to help guide you in selecting the ideal literary adventure."


Niveau B2/C2

À partir du 30 juillet

6 cours

+/- 50 pages par semaine.


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​À partir de B1

À partir du 19 août

6 cours

+/- 30 pages par semaine.


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Niveau B2/C2

À partir du 9 octobre

7 cours

+/- 50 pages par semaine.


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If you don't know your level or which course is best for you, don't hesitate to write to me and I'll guide you.

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